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Originals - George Griffiths

George 'Griff' Griffiths

I was born in the village of Ryhill near Wakefield, Yorkshire. I always had an interest in drawing etc, (no television in those days!) winning a scholarship to Wakefield School of Arts &amp; Crafts aged 13 followed by 3 years architectural work and study, however at 18 the desire to broaden my horizons prompted me to join the Royal Navy for 7 years, a good decision, by the time I was 21 I had set foot in 30 countries or islands, when I left , being married with a young family I sought security in the insurance industry, my last promotion took me to North Leeds, my son Ian joined the local art group and I went along also, started dabbling (I hadn't done anything other than a bit of sketching since art school) and 18 months later when sales of my watercolours began to exceed my sales of insurance I returned to a career that had begun all those years previously.<br />This collection is of more recent paintings mainly of Cornwall where I visit my son Ian, a wildlife artist, and his family  who live on the Lizard peninsula in Cornwall